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Working up, not down!

Just joined so I thought I'd say HI!

Is anyfur in the same boat as me, working to gain not to lose? Being underweight is a seldom talked-about health issue, one that I have struggled with personally. It sucks to be left out of sports or to be considered unattractive for any weight issue. So I took matters into my own hands after college. Tried dozens of programs, got physically active despite sucking at everything, and managed to gain a handful of pounds in four years.

Then in 2005, life dealt me a series of very hard blows. My weight dropped back to the low-bound weight of my college days. I regained traction in life, then fought back tooth and claw. I began what I dubbed my Tiger Way, which is a mix of weights, diet, and cardio. Finally I hit on what works for my body, patterned after the big cats! This brought me to gain 28 solid pounds in two years.

Those are results but the process takes patients. Inching along with little over 1 new pound showing on the scale each month was discouraging. But I had found Furry (yes, Furry!), it helped me accept myself and my path. Fundamental and lasting changes to your body are possible, even after your growing years. You are not just stuck as you are.

I am still walking my path. My goal lays just to the right of the median arrow, but if I can keep it lean and tight I'd sure like to hit 190. We'll see! Any support for my new goal would be deeply appreciated. :-)
Current stats
age   : 29
height: 6'0"
weight: 165
sports: union rugby, mountain biking
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Keep it up, your genes have a great say so how your body acts you need to find that place that your body can do what it needs to do and give you the results you want! Keep it up! BTW, where did you to make up that chart?
hey zakrhino, thanx for the encouragement!

I snapped the charts from http://www.dietitian.com/ibw/ibw.html

While it's true there are many shapes of people, weight charts do give a baseline. One thing that had really irked me was the well-meaning folks who told me I was just thin that way. I didn't feel healthy and I knew I wanted to change. Calculators like this helped me to put my own goals in perspective.

My take on it is, if you're happy with the way you are then others should be too. But if you are interested in a change, give it a try! You might just find that your body likes being heavier/lighter, and you feel better too.