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Furry Fitness!

Hi, I'm Sly the Foxamander, and next week at MFM I will be hosting a furry fitness panel.

There's some stereotypes going around that a lot of furries, if not the majority, are both fat and lazy. Well...ok well maybe that's partly true. :P However, the purpose of the furry fitness panel is to beat those stereotypes! There are two panels this year at MFM, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday, and both start at 9 a.m. The furry fitness panels will be hosted in the hotel gym, which is located in the Executive suites area, across from where the Consuite was last year. The panels will start with a 30 minute discussion on how to start getting fit and stay that way and how to lose weight effectively. The next 30 minutes will involve a short workout, starting with a good stretch, then a short jog around the hotel. I'm told it's rather hot and humid in Memphis these days, so we'll stick to the inside of the hotel, probably just a couple laps around the executive suites. Depending on how many furs attend, we may just use the cardio equipment in the gym. Afterwards, we'll go back into the gym and do a short workout with the weight equipment provided, and then follow up with another stretch so we all don't ache our way through the rest of the con. Sound like fun? Dress in your workout clothes and come join me!
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