Kint Sonnemont (kint) wrote in healthandfitfur,
Kint Sonnemont


So I'm curious, do we have many cyclists out there? I decided this summer was a great time to get a new bike. That is, when the hubby was out of town and couldn't chew me out for spending too much money. It's worked out alright, though. I've since talked HIM into getting one which means I didn't have to feel guilty spending more on extra gear. Now all we need is the car rack! Anywho, for me it's a great supplement to the aerobic workout -- I did learn to love jogging, but I've ALWAYS loved taking my bike out (well, up until I got a car). Given where I live, this is strictly for fun right now, but after we move next year I'd seriously consider doing the work commute via bike.

Anybody else?
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