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Going on my 2nd Exercise Cycle: My quest to GAIN weight!

Hello all, I am just beginning my second cycle of exercise, towards an overall goal to gain weight! I am six feet tall and I am aiming for a lean weight of 180 pounds.

This is Day 5 of my exercise program. I am weighing in at 160 lbs. That is up from 135 pounds in my "Year of Hell" 2005, down from my rugby weight of 165 (summer 2007), and down 12 pounds from my highest 172 last spring.

The lost weight isn't much concern to me even if I am now trying to gain again. When I was at 172 I was carrying a bit extra. My last cycle which began in October hit cardio 1st, so now I am quite lean at 160. Most of my lifts are at their heaviest. I am pressing with bodyweight for the first time, still working on bring my squats to 1.5xbw. All of these are highs for me though they may not seem spectacular.

The one area where I am not quite as strong is in the back, which is kind of odd. My chinup numbers are down. I get fatigued in the single digits though I do not know where failure is. My best in this category is 18 to failure.

Adding weight to my frame is one of the key goals again this time. My diet this week is nearing the 6,000 calorie/day mark that I aim for. I was real moody last week as my system adjusted to the new diet.... There is always a lag when asking the system to move that much food, and that means constipation. Well, probably TMI there.

This Cycle Two starts with something I call Staggered Lifting -- this means that the weight and reps I use continually varies. There are 28 actual workout days in the program, which means that with breaks and holidays I'll be on it through January. I put two programs in each cycle and a break in between cycles: first a volume program like staggered or pyramid lifting followed by a shorter non-volume program.

There are two best options for what form of non-volume training I chose to end this cycle with. They are dynamic lifting (which I am leaning to) with its conventional lifts using moderate weights and high speeds, or olympic lifting (which I have never done before but would like to try). I may opt for the dynamic program and throw in some olympic lifting with moderate weight to see if I can get the technique down. Those lifts require a LOT of coordination and can be dangerous.
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