Grex (wolfgrowl) wrote in healthandfitfur,

Wolf Run

I'm on a 15 month quest to do 1,500 miles on the treadmill.  Nine days I've done over 41 miles, only 1,459 to go!

Calories on exercise equipment:  Someone (my other half) I'm very pleased I have got to work out comes and runs with me on the treadmill.  He found a different brand of treadmill in the gym and is encouraging me to try it.  His logic is that I burn off only 800 calories running for an hour at 5.5 mph on a 4-6% slope (cybex ) while he is burning off 950 calories on this treadmill (lifestyle) at 4.2 mph on a 4% slope. *lol* I found that funny but I don't want to discourage him so I didn't point out there is a small logical flaw there!

I find the calories are mostly useful when comparing the relative amount of effort expended on the same piece of equipment. Does anyone have any comments on the meaningfulness/usefulness of the calorie counters? I can't help watching the calories and I'll confess reaching a high calorie count is motivating.
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