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Hi there.

Going to try to make this as short as possible.

I'm just looking for tips or someone who knows anything.

I'm trying to lose a bit of "chub" on my stomach, back(fat), and sides. I'd love to have a flat stomach, but that isn't the huge thing. I just want to at least lose the back fat and the blub that's on my sides. (And thighs? I have... womanly... thighs)

Age: 21 (about to hit 22 in Oct)
Weight (around since i took it with my heavy pants on): 190
Height: 5 foot 5 inches

I have gone over to my apartment's gym, doing the treadmill for a good 40 minutes and doing the biking for 30 minutes. I'm not the most in shape guy, so I tired out a bit. I love to swim, but it's starting to get cold. :\

Anyone with suggestions or tips or something? I'm going into this without really any knowledge. Don't have money to really go to a nutritionist and the internet is full of scams.
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