Dusty Rhoades (dustykat) wrote in healthandfitfur,
Dusty Rhoades


I've been slipping badly...

I had not been to the gym in a couple of months and let my weight get up again, 248 this time.

So enough of that shit, I started using the ActivTrax (www.ActivTrax.com) program at my local gym to help me get the gym clutter out of my head. I pretty much helps me set up a routine each workout and it has really helped me stay on task. I have been lifting for so many years and times have changed so much that I really found myself lost for what to do in the gym. It was a humbling experiance.

I am down to 240 now and it's only been a couple of weeks, I hope I can get under 220 but that will be tough being 6'3" tall. I haven't been that low since college in 1987.
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