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**blows off the dust and removes the thick layer of cobwebs**

Just a quick post here.  I'll re-introduce myself as it's been quite a while since I've plastered anything here.
I'll be 27 next month, i'm currently around 168#, and 5'11".
At my heaviest was just over 10years ago when i was in high school.  220#.
It's been a long bumpy ride, and I've had varying success over the years.

The hardest part for me was originally taking the weight off and changing my habits for the better.

What worked for me?
Actually getting outside of the gym!!
Everytime I went, it felt too much like work, and I didn't enjoy it as much as i could have.  Don't get me wrong, i liked going, but I found myself spending more time in the sauna and hot tub than using the equipment.  And that wasn't really benefiting me any.  If anything it just turned my gym membership into a pool membership.
I started with doing more of the physical activities i do like.
Tennis, walking, and bike riding.
When I quit thinking about exercise, I saw that I was being more active and having more fun.  It sounds retarded, but it worked for me.

Impossible habits to break:

Eating the foods I want, when I want.
I still struggle with it today and I have a feeling I always will!!
Your body craves salt, sugar, and carbs. there's no sense in denying yourself those.  you need them for energy.
i tried to be "healthy" and not eat too much when I went on an all day bike ride with my best friend.  at the end i was completely exhausted and barely able to move.  i laughed at him when he ordered a 2nd cheeseburger at lunchtime, but 5hrs later, i was regretting not having done the same!

I love to feel full. pastas with meat and sauce are my weakness and guilty pleasure. lasagne and pizza especially.
To work around that, I save the food I know I'll eat too much of for special occasions or limit it to once every week or two.
I tell myself that I'll appreciate it more if I don't have it everyday like i want.
By telling myself I can only overindulge sometimes, I'm actively reminding myself that my body doesn't always need all this extra stuff inside it.  And can therefore be content with eating less of something else.

Sweets and lollies
Nothing to me beats going to the cinema with a bag of chewy gummies and a big bucket of coke. or even just picking up a bag of sweets to nibble on while making dinner.
To cope I've switched to treats that are made with sugar and other 'real ingredients' opposed to corn syrups and chemicals. same with sodas.
Also I don't buy the big bottles of coke anymore, instead I get the 20oz bottles and only have the one a day (if any).  which is typically when i go out for lunch with friends--also no refills, and just the normal size drink.  I don't drink diet coke because I feel it tastes flat, and eventually makes me hungrier.  Also I offer to share my candy with whoever else is around.  I still get the satisfaction of eating a whole bag, but a few pieces aren't going to be noticeably missed.

Staying up all night, sleeping away half the day; what could be more relaxing--especially for a weekend or random day off?
Just because half the day is wasted, doesn't mean the entire day should be a total loss!  Big rest, perhaps go on a big adventure.  If the weather's nice I see if anyone's up for an activity.  Day at the beach, hike through the woods, meeting up and going for a long walk around town, or a few games of tennis.  Sometimes even a walk on my own to get lunch at the mall rather than drive.

Having friends around who enjoy doing more than sitting at home playing video games or spend all day trolling on-line while binge-drinking is a great benefit as well.  While I still enjoy those things, I feel better about myself when I keep active.  That's what keeps me going.

Current fitness goals is to put on some more muscle, and bring in the definition.  There's a 5k race I want to participate in at the end of July!!  If I manage to finish at a new personal best time I would be super ecstatic.

Challenges I'll have to overcome in the process:
Running has never been my forte.
Knees can be a bit touch-and-go from years of tennis and rough bicycling as a kid.
Just spent a month on-holiday in China, drank too much beer, ate too much food, and smoked too many cigarettes!!

Plan of Attack:
As of this Monday I committed myself to a new fitness regime. HIIT sprint-interval training to improve cardio fitness, drop excess fats, and improve speed/endurance.  Emphasis on core strengthening exercises for overall performance and personal aesthetics.  Upper body strength training to keep a balanced physique.
My partner is being super supportive and isn't rushing me to start back working just yet.  He himself is training for an Iron Man competition, so he's keeping me motivated in wanting to be the best I can be.
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