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8-weeks left to go!

So i've committed myself to doing a 5k race.
it will be taking place the final weekend of july.
the gives me 8-weeks to get myself up to where i want to be.

on friday I did my usual 2-miles in the gym, then that evening i decided to go along with the bf for his run.
we did a 5k loop by our house and estimate the time to be around 25-minutes.
i felt pretty good about the pace and feel i still have room for improvement.

now I know that on the road, i can handle the distance if i keep myself properly paced, and that hills aren't going to be as difficult as i always led myself to believe.

my strategy will be doing 3 days of running each week  [at least one distance run, and one speed intervals], with three days of misc weights and core strengthening between those, and a day of rest wherever i need to put it.

wanted to keep you guys up to date with the process and would love to hear some feedback, questions, or comments.

Thanks for reading.

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