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Progress Update

Hey everybody who's been reading up on this lately.

Just thought I'd pop back in with a quick update of how my training has been going.
i've got just about another month left to train.  last weekend i decided to participate in a trial race, giving myself only about a half-day's notice.

I was excited and nervous. Managed to get a place at the front of the pack even. my partner and running buddy looked at the map of the course, and came up with a strategy for tackling it. The outline showed the first third of the course to be mostly flat with some variation of ups-and-downs, but nothing overall challenging. then roughly 800m of steep downhill followed by some more moderate flat which eventually carried back uphill.

the race started off quite well for me. it must've been the adrenaline rush from doing something new and exciting. then however, something unexpected. the course was being done backwards from what it was listed as!! i suddenly found myself staring up from the foot of a g*dd*mn mountain!! I was feeling good after having run a really good first section, so I 'embraced the suck', dug deep and decided to give it hell. about 3/4 of the way up, it claimed victory on me. after a brisk walk to the top, i realized i hadn't lost too much momentum. those who had also been struggling beside me weren't gaining any distance on me. once at the top i tried my damnedest to regain my pace but was pretty much spent.

i pushed forward tho and kept focused on the ground in front of me. a little bit too focused perhaps. somehow i managed to let an entire bus stop sneak up on me. gave my arm and should a decenter smacking, and i have a red bruise partway down my arm. luckily nobody else noticed or was concerned enough to enquire or laugh. ^^ i didn't notice any more mile markers, i smiled for the lady with the camera, and next thing i knew, i was could see the finish line coming closer.

once i crossed over it took me longer than expected to recover. the smells of everything were too much for my stomach to handle. after washing my face, putting warm sleeves on my arms, and walking for a while, i finally felt really good.

i finished with an official time of 26mi5s which placed me 36th out of 279.

Since the race I've picked up my training- and warm-up paces substantially.  I've done a bit of speed training on the track, learned that even when it rains it's not so bad, and tomorrow I'm gonna try and go for a 9km run.

Something tells me i'm gonna need a massive feed after that one!! lol

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