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10k Race

Hey everybody!

Thought I'd make another attempt to revive this group.

Earlier this year I decided to continue challenging myself from last year's 5k race by entering into a 10-km race series.  That's right, got off my tail 3-times over the course of 3months to take part in it.

Here's the results and a breakdown of what all happened:

Race 1:
Woke-up early, excited, motivated and primed to go.  Showed up with enough time to get in a short warm-up before taking my place at the head of the crowd.  Spent most of the race trailing a small group.  used them to keep pace and eventually met up with them and broke ahead.  adrenaline of a new challenge was definitely working in my favour today.
Finishing time: 52m22s

Race 2:
5-more minutes of sleep.... 5-more minutes... okay i'll just close my eyes and rest... x_x
Wasn't my best day.  I showed up at the last possible moment.  No time for warm up.  just chugged some water and went for it.  As i was walking from my car, i heard the starting horn.  FML.  I was the last person to cross the starting line and spent the first 10-15minutes of the race bobbing-and-weaving through the crowd.  about halfway through the 2nd lap, I was about to shit my pants.  all-around bad performance.
Finishing time: 54m47s

Grand Finale:
Made it a point to get up early and have a proper warming up.  I knew i had to do better than my previous performance.  Took my place towards the start of the line and had a decent run.  There was some significant course changes which made it more interesting.  My timing and pace just clicked.  I set a new personal best time for the 5k distance, then ran out of steam near the end of the final lap, but still managed to sprint the last 100m, passing 2 people with that burst and breaking another that had been on my heels the last 3ks.
Final Time:  52m45s
Not as good as the first time around, but still better than the previous leg which left me quite stoked.

Next big adventure:
Starting at the end of July, carrying a backpack from the southern bit of Norway to somewhere up North...a distance of roughly 2000kms in around 6-7weeks.
It's 10-weeks until I fly to Europe.  So not much time to get used to walking ~50ks a day with a medium-weight pack upand down hills.  Wish me luck and give me some motivation!!

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