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Furry Health and Fitness' Journal
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Thursday, November 18th, 2010
7:33 am
I've been slipping badly...

I had not been to the gym in a couple of months and let my weight get up again, 248 this time.

So enough of that shit, I started using the ActivTrax (www.ActivTrax.com) program at my local gym to help me get the gym clutter out of my head. I pretty much helps me set up a routine each workout and it has really helped me stay on task. I have been lifting for so many years and times have changed so much that I really found myself lost for what to do in the gym. It was a humbling experiance.

I am down to 240 now and it's only been a couple of weeks, I hope I can get under 220 but that will be tough being 6'3" tall. I haven't been that low since college in 1987.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
2:39 pm
Hi there.
Going to try to make this as short as possible.

I'm just looking for tips or someone who knows anything.

I'm trying to lose a bit of "chub" on my stomach, back(fat), and sides. I'd love to have a flat stomach, but that isn't the huge thing. I just want to at least lose the back fat and the blub that's on my sides. (And thighs? I have... womanly... thighs)

Age: 21 (about to hit 22 in Oct)
Weight (around since i took it with my heavy pants on): 190
Height: 5 foot 5 inches

I have gone over to my apartment's gym, doing the treadmill for a good 40 minutes and doing the biking for 30 minutes. I'm not the most in shape guy, so I tired out a bit. I love to swim, but it's starting to get cold. :\

Anyone with suggestions or tips or something? I'm going into this without really any knowledge. Don't have money to really go to a nutritionist and the internet is full of scams.

Current Mood: discontent
Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
8:47 am
Wolf Run
I'm on a 15 month quest to do 1,500 miles on the treadmill.  Nine days I've done over 41 miles, only 1,459 to go!

Calories on exercise equipment:  Someone (my other half) I'm very pleased I have got to work out comes and runs with me on the treadmill.  He found a different brand of treadmill in the gym and is encouraging me to try it.  His logic is that I burn off only 800 calories running for an hour at 5.5 mph on a 4-6% slope (cybex ) while he is burning off 950 calories on this treadmill (lifestyle) at 4.2 mph on a 4% slope. *lol* I found that funny but I don't want to discourage him so I didn't point out there is a small logical flaw there!

I find the calories are mostly useful when comparing the relative amount of effort expended on the same piece of equipment. Does anyone have any comments on the meaningfulness/usefulness of the calorie counters? I can't help watching the calories and I'll confess reaching a high calorie count is motivating.
Sunday, January 4th, 2009
5:19 am
It's been just over two years since my last serious workout.

From spring 2003 to September 2006 I embarked on an effort to get healthy.  I chose to explore the amateur bodybuilding realm, taking some supplements, eating the right foods, doing the right exercises.  This post is a quick notation of what I've realized to be my biggest weakness:  food.

In recognizing that up to 75% of a bodybuilder's success revolves around their diet, I made an effort to follow that principle by altering my eating habits.  For the last year of my journey, I behaved quite admirably with my diet.  While I LOVED Mcdonald's, pizza, sodas, sweets, etc, my willpower got more of a workout than my body did.  After a while it got easier, and I passed by a Mickey D's every day for three months without even stepping inside.  I sought out substitutes for the foods I loved, not always finding that which I wanted (a cucumber doesn't make for a candy bar).  I literally made myself sick with those protein shakes, and mixed creatine with my liquid breakfast. 

I hung up the barbells in September 2005 when my then-girlfriend said I'd become an "asshole" since I started this regimen.  Looking back, perhaps she was right.  But what she calls "asshole", I call "confidence"; but that's a post for another time.

Upon reflection, I've come to realize that I derive a far greater sense of satisfaction from food than I do from working out.  It just so happens that the vast majority of the foods I enjoy most, are horribly bad for me.  I don't consider myself a "foodie" by any stretch of the imagination, I just simply enjoy what I enjoy.   Recently I've noticed a real joy from eating, the taste and sensations I get from some foods are almost intoxicating.  I never got this much joy from a workout...ever.   If I have to make a choice between the food or the fitness, in terms of quality of life, the food comes out the champion.

With that said, I am fortunate that for the most part, I am still relatively active and decent looking, and can probably trim up again in a few months if I put my mind and soul into it.   There is a bit of a pear shape going on around my midriff, and my pecs aren't as stout as they used to be.  My stamina isn't quite up to par, either.  I know I pay a price for my joy of food, and one of those prices could very well be a sense of being "weighted down" and not in the good way. 

Every so often I get a mild desire to get fit again, but the old fire just isn't there anymore.  Two years ago I got satisfaction from seeing the results of my hard work and sacrifice in the mirror.  Today that is but a shadow of the satisfaction I get from nomming a pizza or double cheeseburger (or ice cream or shake or candy bar etcetc).

If anyone has any advice to help me overcome this mountain, where I can still enjoy good food AND get trim again (most of it has to come from deep inside me, I know), then I'm alll ears.
Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
1:06 am
Come on, furs...It's the new year!  While I'm not big on resolutions, it's good to reflect on where we'd like to be health and fitness-wise by the end of the year.  So post it in the comments or make your own resolution post in the group!

Personally, I'd like to:

 - Get to below 10% body fat for at least a short period of time
 - Deadlift 400lbs once
 - Climb a 5.11b or 5.11c wall or cliff
 - Lift my bodyweight overhead in a Clean and Jerk, Press, or Snatch
 - Do a kipping muscle up on rings from a dead hang


Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, December 8th, 2008
9:52 pm
Going on my 2nd Exercise Cycle: My quest to GAIN weight!
Hello all, I am just beginning my second cycle of exercise, towards an overall goal to gain weight! I am six feet tall and I am aiming for a lean weight of 180 pounds.

This is Day 5 of my exercise program. I am weighing in at 160 lbs. That is up from 135 pounds in my "Year of Hell" 2005, down from my rugby weight of 165 (summer 2007), and down 12 pounds from my highest 172 last spring.

The lost weight isn't much concern to me even if I am now trying to gain again. When I was at 172 I was carrying a bit extra. My last cycle which began in October hit cardio 1st, so now I am quite lean at 160. Most of my lifts are at their heaviest. I am pressing with bodyweight for the first time, still working on bring my squats to 1.5xbw. All of these are highs for me though they may not seem spectacular.

The one area where I am not quite as strong is in the back, which is kind of odd. My chinup numbers are down. I get fatigued in the single digits though I do not know where failure is. My best in this category is 18 to failure.

Adding weight to my frame is one of the key goals again this time. My diet this week is nearing the 6,000 calorie/day mark that I aim for. I was real moody last week as my system adjusted to the new diet.... There is always a lag when asking the system to move that much food, and that means constipation. Well, probably TMI there.

This Cycle Two starts with something I call Staggered Lifting -- this means that the weight and reps I use continually varies. There are 28 actual workout days in the program, which means that with breaks and holidays I'll be on it through January. I put two programs in each cycle and a break in between cycles: first a volume program like staggered or pyramid lifting followed by a shorter non-volume program.

There are two best options for what form of non-volume training I chose to end this cycle with. They are dynamic lifting (which I am leaning to) with its conventional lifts using moderate weights and high speeds, or olympic lifting (which I have never done before but would like to try). I may opt for the dynamic program and throw in some olympic lifting with moderate weight to see if I can get the technique down. Those lifts require a LOT of coordination and can be dangerous.
Sunday, September 14th, 2008
11:26 pm
So I'm curious, do we have many cyclists out there? I decided this summer was a great time to get a new bike. That is, when the hubby was out of town and couldn't chew me out for spending too much money. It's worked out alright, though. I've since talked HIM into getting one which means I didn't have to feel guilty spending more on extra gear. Now all we need is the car rack! Anywho, for me it's a great supplement to the aerobic workout -- I did learn to love jogging, but I've ALWAYS loved taking my bike out (well, up until I got a car). Given where I live, this is strictly for fun right now, but after we move next year I'd seriously consider doing the work commute via bike.

Anybody else?
Sunday, May 4th, 2008
12:13 pm
Needing Help
I saw some of my friends belonged to this community and figured why the heck not?

I'm Thorn, and I've experienced some rapid weight gain over the last couple months and it seems that it's only getting worse.

I was living on my own for awhile and working from home and kind of being a hermit for awhile and oddly I think this is where a lot of my recent weight gain happened. I was already heavier than I wanted to be, at 132 lbs (I'm 4'11", I've been a stable 105 lbs for years, but I'd be happy at 115-120), but then I moved and I didn't have everyday access to a scale and it wasn't until when I went to the doctor a couple of months ago I realized I had ballooned up to 156 lbs! On my small frame this is just..terrible. I had to buy 'fat clothes' and ended up crying in the dressing room wondering how I let myself get this bad.

I'm only 23 and I weigh as much as my mom did when she was in her 40's and I'm smaller than her. Clothes don't fit right and above all, I worry about my health.

With my dad's recent stroke I figured that was a wakeup call to start taking better care of myself. Before that I've eliminated fast food out of my diet, have been drinking milk and water, no sodas save for the occasional rum and coke (generally the only time I'll drink a soda), and have been more active in my "hikes" at school and also around the lake where I live, though I could do a lot more. The problem is finding the right motivation. I'll go on this exercise regiment for a week and then peter out and go back to my lazy ways again.

I've recently plateaued at 140-142 and don't know what else I can do to keep the weight loss moving. Yesterday I went to a chili cook off in my town and went up to 145 but hopefully that's just temporary weight. This is generally what my meals are like:

Breakfast: Bowl of cereal usually special K or Honey Bunches of Oats, roughly 160 calories
Lunch: Either no lunch or a 90 calorie granola bar
Dinner: Usually some kind of lean chicken dish, home cooked

I keep sweet intake low and if I have cookies I stick with the suggested serving size on the package, and this isn't an every day thing.

I think a lot of my problem is also beer. I've had more of a social life lately compared to my solitary days of being a hermit and when I'm social I drink. When I'm alone, I don't really. And beer is such a social beverage. I need to cut a lot of beer out of my diet but its so hard when everyone else is drinking a nice carbonated beverage and not only are you trying to avoid beer but the empty calories of soda, and water just doesn't cut it. I'll try to have orange juice to help but that's just pure sugar.

I also need to come up with some better exercises I can do at home rather than going to a gym because I live out in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention I am /horribly shy/.

Ideally I want to be 120. 120 is still a little heavier on my frame, but I'd be healthier. I think I've gained some muscle recently, which I can only hope for, but I still want to be able to wear size 5 jeans again. Right now I'm at an 8, possibly bigger.

I refuse to buy more 'fat clothes', because that's just giving in to the uncontrollable weight gain. On more than one occasion I've had to call in "fat" to work because my work clothes didn't fit. How embarrassing!

I hope this community helps keep me motivated. :3 Thanks all for listening!
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
7:35 am
After the Slim
'ello there, newbie to the group here :) Over the last three months I've been doing a sponsored slim through work. Through diet regulation (basically cutting out the crap) I've managed to slim down nicely, but the routine I put in place during that period has carried over into everyday life, and is working rather nicely :)

Here's table of weight loss over the three months of the slim, for the record I'm 6'3" tall :)

Date Weight (lbs) Loss/Gain

The last time I weighed myself was on Friday morning, and my weight then was 262, switching from Monday to Friday weigh-ins should give me a basis on which to carry on, I shall still be keeping a record and hopefully another table.

My feeling at the moment is that I'd like to lose some further weight before I have knee surgery in the summer - 'cause it frustrates the hell out of me that I can't do any kind of serious aerobic exercise in order to lose further weight - but hopefully once I've had the surgery I can be back on the pitch in no time :)

The routine will continue and I shall probably add to this over time :)

Current Mood: pleased
Saturday, March 15th, 2008
1:05 pm
Trainer Session
Wow, I haven't posted here in foreverish (me and...most every other member I think). I first joined just over a year ago when I started a Body for Life program. When I started, I tended to hover in the 250-260 lb range, and I got myself down to 225-230 lb. I actually managed to maintain it over the fall and winter, and have recently started up a new challenge. This time around, though, I thought I'd join a local gym--the facilities are basic, but it's quite affordable, and it's nice to bring some variety into the workout (not to mention being able to jog INDOORS in the winter).

As part of their new member plan, I got a free trainer session which I decided to take advantage of this past week. I was a little hesitant when greeted by Paige, this tiny little woman with an almost squeaky voice, but actually she was great help. We touched up on a little bit of my lifting "But you probably know all that stuff already" "Well, not really, so any tips are great!" She basically confirmed that I have very good form on a lot of what I've been doing, and then gave me some new things to work into routine.

Paige's biggest suggestions were to up the cardio and to focus more on core. She said to get away from the classic ab stuff like crunches and such, and instead work on a more 'holistic' core program (my choice of word there). She gave me a few new exercises, and some modifications I can do to current ones (like doing free weight curls on a bosu to add in a balance element). The cardio...I may take it or leave it. My 'plan' so far has served me well, though there is always room for improvement. Change is certainly good, too, when it comes to the workout.

All in all, she declared that I was actually in really good shape (not to mention surprisingly flexible), and as far as trimming up it really is just a battle of calories in-calories out. I am pleased!

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
1:05 am
Day 188, weigh in...
6-24-2007 8-13-2007 8-26-2007 9-9-2007 9-23-2007 10-7-2007 10-21-2007 11-4-2007 11-11-2007
Weight 256 lbs 288 lbs 266 lbs 263 lbs 253 lbs 245 lbs 237 lbs
Chest 46 in 51 in 47.5 47 in 46 in 45.5 in 45 in
Waist 43 in 46 in 44 in 44 in 43 in 42 in 41.5 in
Belly 46 in 50 in 48 in 47 in 46 in 45.5 in 45 in
Arm 14.75 in 15.5 in 14.5 in 14.5 in 14 in 14 in 14 in
Thigh 27 in 28 in 27 in 26.5 in 26 in 25.5 in 25 in
Neck 16.75 in 17.5 in 17 in 17 in 16.5 in 16.5 in 16 in

237 pounds--almost 130 pounds down from the original starting point--over a year ago now. The last time I was in my 230s was June 2004.

That's just 22 pounds away from my final goal--215 pounds. I think that I can hit 225 by Midwest Furfest. Likewise, I think that I may toss the "it's a con, a con's a vacation" mindset this one time and try to retain my focus that weekend, so the bounce is minimal. I'd really like to be 215 by the time I go home to Michigan for the winter holiday--if just so I can claim the 150-pound-loss title.

As a reference, those are the shorts I've been weighing in this whole time. Those are the shorts that I was wearing the night I first stepped on that scale. That night, they were tight, and I had to wear them under the gut. Now, they're barely hanging on and only serve as a frame for each weigh in.
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
12:03 pm
Day 174, weigh in
6-24-2007 8-13-2007 8-26-2007 9-9-2007 9-23-2007 10-7-2007 10-21-2007 11-4-2007 11-11-2007
Weight 256 lbs 288 lbs 266 lbs 263 lbs 253 lbs 245 lbs
Chest 46 in 51 in 47.5 47 in 46 in 45.5 in
Waist 43 in 46 in 44 in 44 in 43 in 42 in
Belly 46 in 50 in 48 in 47 in 46 in 45.5 in
Arm 14.75 in 15.5 in 14.5 in 14.5 in 14 in 14 in
Thigh 27 in 28 in 27 in 26.5 in 26 in 25.5 in
Neck 16.75 in 17.5 in 17 in 17 in 16.5 in 16.5 in

245 pounds, I'm wearing XL's and 42's again. My chest and belly measurements are just 1.5 inches away from the lowest I was in 2003--all feels well here.

As of now, it just feels like I'm on auto-pilot here: just keep doing what I'm doing and wait for the last 30 pounds to drop off. The next big test will be this coming weekend--my conference in Kansas City. If I can make it through that one without going apeshit on food, I should be fine.

Thirty nine days until Midwest Furfest. I'm not sure if I'll hit 215 by then. 225, maybe.
Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
10:32 am
I've been on and off the wagon here for a few years. Last Labor Day, I stepped on the scale and saw 356 pounds, so I declared war. I had falls off in November, February, and June, before diving back in August and continuing the push. Most of the links are internal on my own LJ. Add me if you want to be added, so you can read them.

I restarted started this twenty three weeks ago. Adjusting for the time, this is day 160...

6-24-2007 8-13-2007 8-26-2007 9-9-2007 9-23-2007 10-7-2007 10-21-2007 11-4-2007 11-11-2007
Weight 256 lbs 288 lbs 266 lbs 263 lbs 253 lbs
Chest 46 in 51 in 47.5 47 in 46 in
Waist 43 in 46 in 44 in 44 in 43 in
Belly 46 in 50 in 48 in 47 in 46 in
Arm 14.75 in 15.5 in 14.5 in 14.5 in 14 in
Thigh 27 in 28 in 27 in 26.5 in 26 in
Neck 16.75 in 17.5 in 17 in 17 in 16.5 in

June 24, I got on the scale and was at 256. I then started the big slide. Now, three months after starting the slide, I'm out of it. This is it--new territory. The last time I pushed, I burned out at 256. I'm now at a weight I've not seen since mid 2004--right before I moved out of Eric and David's place. It's both scary and exciting at the same time.

I must confess: I kept one item from the old wardrobe, my shorts. The shorts you see me taking pictures in are the same shorts I've tried to use all along--a pair of 3XLs. Those were the shorts that were tight on me on September 5, 2006, when I decided to start this. Those were the ones I was wearing in April, when I restarted this. I want to keep them as a sort of frame, if you will--a way to see what I've done here.

It's strange to think that I'm approaching a goal:

From September 5, 2006...

I was talking with a friend last night, and the topic of weight came up. So this morning, I decided to step on the scale, which I've not done in ages.

365 pounds. I felt sick when I saw the number, almost shocked into disbelief.
Just looking at that number, and realizing that I need to beat it down, it feels defeating before it starts. In the past, I've just had to lose about 50 pounds or so. But now, I'm looking at at least 115 pounds.

115 pounds. That's a person.

The original goal was 250 pounds. Then, I'd have been happy with 250. Now, at 253, it's not that I'm unhappy, but I want more. I want to push this.

I want 225. I may even want 215.

As I've been doing this, I've had food in the house. I have a new bag of frozen Chinese dumplings and fried mozzarella sticks in the freezer. I've had a king size Snickers bar in the pantry. I've got two bottles of Vault in the icebox. And in the last six weeks, I've not been tempted by them once. I know that I still have control issues around food--I learned that at MFM. In spite of those control issues, I know that I can control them; otherwise, I'd not be here. I think I can push this. I can keep going. The last time I was 225 was 2001, when I essentially started using the gym as my replacement routine activity after being laid off from Lucent. The lowest I got then was 215--forty more pounds.

If I could push down to 215, I'd have lost an accumulated total of 150 pounds from the time I started this.

It's so tempting, if just to say that I did it...then maintained it.
Saturday, August 25th, 2007
10:41 am
Furry Fitness!
Hi, I'm Sly the Foxamander, and next week at MFM I will be hosting a furry fitness panel.

There's some stereotypes going around that a lot of furries, if not the majority, are both fat and lazy. Well...ok well maybe that's partly true. :P However, the purpose of the furry fitness panel is to beat those stereotypes! There are two panels this year at MFM, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday, and both start at 9 a.m. The furry fitness panels will be hosted in the hotel gym, which is located in the Executive suites area, across from where the Consuite was last year. The panels will start with a 30 minute discussion on how to start getting fit and stay that way and how to lose weight effectively. The next 30 minutes will involve a short workout, starting with a good stretch, then a short jog around the hotel. I'm told it's rather hot and humid in Memphis these days, so we'll stick to the inside of the hotel, probably just a couple laps around the executive suites. Depending on how many furs attend, we may just use the cardio equipment in the gym. Afterwards, we'll go back into the gym and do a short workout with the weight equipment provided, and then follow up with another stretch so we all don't ache our way through the rest of the con. Sound like fun? Dress in your workout clothes and come join me!

Current Mood: excited
Friday, August 17th, 2007
8:33 am
Working up, not down!
Just joined so I thought I'd say HI!

Is anyfur in the same boat as me, working to gain not to lose? Being underweight is a seldom talked-about health issue, one that I have struggled with personally. It sucks to be left out of sports or to be considered unattractive for any weight issue. So I took matters into my own hands after college. Tried dozens of programs, got physically active despite sucking at everything, and managed to gain a handful of pounds in four years.

Then in 2005, life dealt me a series of very hard blows. My weight dropped back to the low-bound weight of my college days. I regained traction in life, then fought back tooth and claw. I began what I dubbed my Tiger Way, which is a mix of weights, diet, and cardio. Finally I hit on what works for my body, patterned after the big cats! This brought me to gain 28 solid pounds in two years.

Those are results but the process takes patients. Inching along with little over 1 new pound showing on the scale each month was discouraging. But I had found Furry (yes, Furry!), it helped me accept myself and my path. Fundamental and lasting changes to your body are possible, even after your growing years. You are not just stuck as you are.

I am still walking my path. My goal lays just to the right of the median arrow, but if I can keep it lean and tight I'd sure like to hit 190. We'll see! Any support for my new goal would be deeply appreciated. :-)
Current stats
age   : 29
height: 6'0"
weight: 165
sports: union rugby, mountain biking
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
6:04 pm
rotating fitness DVDs..?
Ok, I've been wondering this for a while, and while the solution may me simple, my obsessive brain has not been able to wrap my head around something.

I have been wondering how to create a workout plan using workout DVDs. In particular how do you integrate a new one into what you are already doing and not hurt yourself/ throw your body off? Does any of this actually matter?

I have a couple of series that have not completely been released yet. Thats one of the reasons I am currently twitching about this. Should I wait until I have the whole series?

I have looked online in several places, but not much support seems to be out there for peopole using Home workout Videos and DVDs...

Xposted to furryfitness,gym_goths,healthandfitfur

Current Mood: restless
Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
6:37 pm
Been a member of the community for a while, noticed it has been quiet. I want to at least keep things at a post per month, so I'll jot down my current status dealing with fitness. :)

Current Weight: 169
Current Body Fat: 11.2%

Goal Weight: 180
Goal Body Fat: 10%
Goal Timeframe: 1 year

I've been doing crossfit, more or less (www.crossfit.com). While I can't do the workout of the day consistently yet, I'm making good progress, feeling much stronger even after the first month. The concept is pretty straightforward, though a bit outside of the current trends:

- Metabolic conditioning instead of cardio: Stuff like burpees, rowing, intervals of no-load squats and pushups, etc. The idea is to boost power output and stamina in both aerobic and anaerobic activities.
- Olympic weightlifting: Usually either max sets over multiple intervals or set reps for time. Dead lifts, overhead squats, clean and jerk, push press, pretty much you and a barbell doing all sorts of things.
- Mixing it up, general resistance training: Pullups, bench press, medicine ball throws, whatever else allows you to build explosive power and speed.

Example workout, which I did last week:
- 5 minutes rowing, high intensity
- 5 sets of max reps benching bodyweight then pullups
- Bench (155, lack of spotter): 10-8-7-7-6
- Pullups: 10-8-6-6-6
- 3 Sets Hang Clean 95lbs: 5-2-4 (hands were hurting on 2nd set)
- 3 Sets 10 dips, 15 second L-Hold

That was about a 40 minute workout, and it kicked my tail. The rough part is, I know I could have done more. ;)

Anyway, just wanted to share! If you've got any questions, I can try to help or direct you to the right place on the crossfit page.
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
9:27 am
A little success to break the silence
This group has been a little on the quiet side so I thought I'd make a quick post. I just wrapped up my 12 week Body for Life challenge and I must say it went quite well for me all around! I'm down right around 25lbs (from 250 to 225ish) with about 3 1/2" off the waist line (48.5" to 45"). Now my 38" pants are too big, the 36" are very comfy bordering on loose, and I think next time I go shopping I might be able to pick up a 34"...we'll see (yeah, men's sizing has absolutely nothing to do with one's actual waist size!). Scale-wise I seem to have plateaued a bit this past week or so, but I'll be changing things up again promptly. For at least the next six weeks I'm switching up to the program presented in The Men's Body Sculpting Bible. It's pretty similar to what I've been doing, but different enough that I'll hopefully break the plateau and keep on movin' down!
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
7:19 am
Another newbie!
Hey, all!

I just joined up with this community, too, and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Kint/Tony, not-so-recent transplant to the NoVA/DC area where I have a fairly active job as the overnight bakery production manager for a new Whole Foods store in Fairfax. Anywho...I have what I'd think to be a moderately active job, but I've got enough of a belly that I finally got into a routine at home to try and get that in check.

I'm currently following the Body for Life program with three weight lifting days and three cardio days per week. I supplement that with some tidbits I've gleaned from The Body Sculpting Bible for Men. Once my twelve week 'BfL Challenge' is up, though, I may switch over to TBSB exclusively (very similar, though four lifting and two cardio days per week).

I started up on February 12th at 250 lbs (6'0", 23 y.o.) and just completed my eighth week. I'm down to 230 lbs, I'm tracking a slow but steady weight increase in my lifting, and while I can't see much definition yet (still too much flab in spots) I definitely think it's starting to peek through.

So...yeah...greetings, salutations, and I hope to chat with many of you in the coming months :)
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
9:43 am
Hello everyone! I'd just like to make my own little introduction since I just joined the community. :)

I recognized that I was overweight a few months ago, that's when some of my favorite clothes wasn't fitting anymore. Aieee! Afterwards, I was determined to get back to a weight I'm more comfortable with.

My Goal: To lose 35 pounds by the end of the year. Doesn't seem so bad, does it?

So far: I have lost 10 pounds in 3 months

The method behind my madness: I've taken up Weight Watchers through some friends of mine, got all the books second hand and everything. I have changed my diet to include lots and lots of water (64oz a day, which I drink a 8oz bottle every hour while at work). I also go running on a treadmill at least four times a week for about half an hour each day. I started off at 17 to 18 minutes per mile and am now at 10 to 11 minutes per mile.

What's next? I plan to stick with the diet and the running. I've been steadily losing weight at about 1 pound per week and I've been told that the changes are noticeable, which only makes me feel even better about myself and what I'm working for. :)

I'm glad to be striving towards being a health and fit fur and would love to hear anybody else's success stories! :)
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