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Trainer Session

Wow, I haven't posted here in foreverish (me and...most every other member I think). I first joined just over a year ago when I started a Body for Life program. When I started, I tended to hover in the 250-260 lb range, and I got myself down to 225-230 lb. I actually managed to maintain it over the fall and winter, and have recently started up a new challenge. This time around, though, I thought I'd join a local gym--the facilities are basic, but it's quite affordable, and it's nice to bring some variety into the workout (not to mention being able to jog INDOORS in the winter).

As part of their new member plan, I got a free trainer session which I decided to take advantage of this past week. I was a little hesitant when greeted by Paige, this tiny little woman with an almost squeaky voice, but actually she was great help. We touched up on a little bit of my lifting "But you probably know all that stuff already" "Well, not really, so any tips are great!" She basically confirmed that I have very good form on a lot of what I've been doing, and then gave me some new things to work into routine.

Paige's biggest suggestions were to up the cardio and to focus more on core. She said to get away from the classic ab stuff like crunches and such, and instead work on a more 'holistic' core program (my choice of word there). She gave me a few new exercises, and some modifications I can do to current ones (like doing free weight curls on a bosu to add in a balance element). The cardio...I may take it or leave it. My 'plan' so far has served me well, though there is always room for improvement. Change is certainly good, too, when it comes to the workout.

All in all, she declared that I was actually in really good shape (not to mention surprisingly flexible), and as far as trimming up it really is just a battle of calories in-calories out. I am pleased!
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